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How to Take Care of a Nose Piercing?

    How to Take Care of a Nose Piercing

    Getting a nose piercing is a terrific way to show off your uniqueness and sense of flair. These are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to express their individuality through body alteration. If you are also planning to get your nose pierced, consider knowing about the aftercare of nose piercing. Because you should know how to take care of a nose piercing.

    So, the nose piercing takes several weeks to heal. At this time, you need to take care of the piercing opening so that infection can happen. In order to take care, you need to rinse the nose area in saline solution, which will help in healing and keeping infections away. 

    Apart from this, there are several other precautions or things you need to take care of. Let’s know about them. 

    How long do you have to take care of a nose piercing?

    The healing time for your nose piercing is influenced by both the site and the aftercare you provide. As with any other type of piercing, a nostril piercing can take anywhere from three to six months to heal.

    When it comes to getting your septum piercing done, you should expect it to recover in about two to four months because there is less tissue between your nostrils to rebuild. So, for that much time, you have to take care of nose piercing. 

    How to Take Care of a Nose Piercing?

    A nose piercing is an open wound that necessitates systematic and safe treatment, much like a tattoo. Infection prevention is of primary importance following a nose piercing. So here are the steps & precautions you should take for the care of nose piercing.

    • To avoid infection, avoid touching your piercings, especially with dirty hands.
    • Before touching your piercing, wash your hands completely.
    • The piercing should be rinsed with a sterile solution indicated for wound wash at least twice a day. 
    • Saline products, including contact lens saline, eye drops, and others, should not be used.
    • Don’t immerse your piercing in water until it’s completely healed.
    • While your piercing is healing, avoid sleeping on the side of your nose where it is. When the piercing is slept on, the pressure might cause it to swell.
    • Avoid applying cosmetics to the affected region for at least two weeks. Attempting to apply makeup around or on the piercing can irritate the surrounding tissue.
    • Do not put your new piercing in the pool, the beach, or a hot tub for at least two weeks after getting it done.
    • Avoid using cotton balls or Q-tips to dry your face and piercing since the fibers tend to get stuck or trapped around the piercing, causing irritation and healing issues.

    How to clean inside of nose piercing?

    The risk of problems, such as infection, may be reduced if you keep your nose piercing clean. You should clean it with a saline solution two to three times per day. Here is how to do it:

    • Always begin with hand washing. Touching with unclean hands is a certain way to spread bacteria.
    • Spray the piercing with a saline solution containing sodium chloride at a concentration of 9%. Additionally, you can use a piece of soaked gauze to clean the jewelry.
    • Alternately, you can clean a nose piercing by immersing the piercing site in warm saline water for three to five minutes.
    • After cleansing the piercing, pat it dry with a disposable paper product, such as a paper towel.
    • Repeat this twice or three times a day. Reduce the number of rinses as the healing process progresses.

    What foods to avoid after nose piercing?

    Yes, you will need to avoid certain foods if you have a nose piercing. Here are the foods to avoid:

    • Foods that are too big can hurt your nose. Apples, for example, should not be bitten into since they might cause nasal trauma if they come into touch with your nose. A sandwich or a piece of chicken should also not be a bit into.
    • Nuts and peanuts, both of which have a coarse texture, are not suggested. A tiny vibration in your lips could, in fact, be felt in your nose.
    •  It emits evaporation that may travel up the nose and may impede the healing process.
    • You should avoid spicy foods because they can have a negative impact on your health. It might cause irritation and heat in the mouth. For a while, stick to the tried-and-true flavors of your favorite sauce!

    Can I clean my nose piercing with just water?

    No, you should not clean your nose with just water. It is always advised to use saline water to clean any piercing. It will keep the area bacteria-free and result in fast healing. A nose piercing can be cleaned by immersing the piercing site in warm saline water for 3–5 minutes.

    Moreover, avoid going to the pool, beach, saunas, or hot tub water. These bodies of water may contain pathogenic microorganisms that might cause infection.

    How to heal a nose piercing fast?

    The fast way to heal a nose piercing is by rinsing it in saline water solution for two to three times per day. It is the best method as it will prevent any bacteria or infection from forming at the piercing and will also make the piercing heal faster. 

    Bottom Line

    So always take proper care of your nose piercing and take all the precautions we have mentioned for the nose piercing. Wash the area with saline solution twice a day for faster recovery and to avoid infection. 

    We hope this article was helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!