Cat owners agree they're terrific pets. They’re fairly little maintenance. 


When cats seek attention, they'll do anything. Head-butting is one way.

Head-butt you

You're reading the paper when Muffy jumps on your chest.

Dig their claws into you

Charlie means well, but when he comes through the doggy door with a dead bird, you're disgusted.

Bring home unwanted “gifts”

Ginger prefers your armchair to your scratching post.

Turn your furniture into their scratching post

Your cat is swiping at a low-hanging bauble under the tree.

Use decorations as toys

People who work from home know this one all too well.

Sleep on your laptop when you’re trying to work

Cats love to nibble on people for some reason.

Gnaw on people

Cat-proof your home. Purchase a lintbrush. It's necessary. Unless you appreciate looking like your cat's sofa cushion.

Leave fur on your clothing

Cats are known for being pretty independent, so being woken up by a cat pawing at you for food just seems wrong.

Wake you up for food

 When you open the door, they don't move, like they're waiting to be noticed.

Wait at the door… even when they don’t want to go out


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