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10 annoying things your dog does

You knew your pet would shed when you adopted them. You didn't want clumps of fur everywhere.

Shedding everywhere

You can buy your dog the priciest chew toy, but they won't care. They'll chew on carpet, shoes, draperies, garbage bags, toes, etc.

Chewing on anything and everything

It's impossible to work on a list of the best things to do in Florence without listing the Duomo right off the bat.

Licking while you’re trying to sleep

 These erratic barks are bothersome and unsettling for humans, especially in the middle of the night.

Barking for no reason

No matter what you're eating, your dog wants it. Dogs plead with mild whining, puppy dog eyes, and a paw on the thigh. Not cute, irritating.

Begging for everything

Some dogs are such untidy eaters and drinkers that you wonder why you bothered. 

Messy eating and drinking

We'll never understand why dogs whine in cars. They requested a car journey. They start weeping as soon as the car starts moving. 

Whining during car rides

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