10 cutest cat breeds you'll fall in love with

Maines are the oldest American native cat breed. Their smooth hair is strokable.

1. Maine Coon

We can see why Persians are the most popular purebred cat in America.

2. Persian

In Scotland in 1961, a shepherd found a cat with strange ears that folded forward.

3. Fold the Scottish

The Russian Blue is a beautiful, elegant cat with a strange coat.

4. Russian Blue

You could say Bengals are beautiful instead of cute. Their coats have spots that look like leopard spots.

5. Bengal

Birman cats look like their Thai relatives, the Siamese, but they are bigger and their tails are bushier.

6. Birman

 Burmese Cats are vocal, active, and friendly. They are natural entertainers and will win your heart quickly.

7. Burmese

The Devon Rex has a strange appearance, a mischievous personality, and a happy personality.

8. Devon Rex

The beautiful Ragdoll is calm and laid-back. He got his name from the way he goes limp when he's happy.

9. Ragdoll

Turkish Vans are sometimes called "the cashmere cat" because their coats are so soft

10. Turkish Van


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