The papillon is always looking for fun with its attentive countenance and ears. These little, energetic canines were favourites of European nobility and children. Papillons are toy spaniels.


Chihuahuas build a great attachment with their owners and like cuddling with them. They are low-energy and adapt nicely to house or apartment life. They'll sound the alarm if they spot strange humans or animals on their area.


The French bulldog is affable and laid-back. Popular for apartment dwellers, the Frenchie doesn't need much space. It needs one or two daily walks, but is generally quiet and relaxed. 

French Bulldog

These sweet, affectionate, intelligent, and obedient creatures like following orders and being included. Ideal companions, they're great with strangers and other pets.

Golden Retriever

Originating in Tibet, these toy dogs became emperors' favourites. When attackers approached, they sounded the alarm. The Shih Tzu's main job was lap warming. The Shih Tzu thrives with human friends. 

Shih Tzu

The Irish wolfhound is a calm and faithful companion dog. Supersized dog breed with a big heart. This breed is regarded for being devoted and attentive. Just give these dogs a good walk and room to stretch each day. 

Irish Wolfhound

A pug's mug will make you smile. These little dogs were initially intended to be nice companions. They prefer to be in their owner's lap. Pugs are laidback and don't require much space. 


Malteses have been beloved companion dogs for ages. Roman noblewomen reportedly tucked these dogs into their gowns. Maltese still enjoys being cuddled and carried. They'll bark at intruders. 


Dachshunds are commonly referred to as "Velcro dogs" Originally bred to hunt tiny prey, today's dachshunds prefer burrowing under a blanket. The dachshund has an energetic attitude and loves to watch for intruders. 


The poodle is intelligent, amiable, and versatile. Standard, miniature, and toy poodles are good pets. The standard poodle needs more exercise than the smaller ones.


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