Originally from the German city of Rottweil, where it served as the "Rottweil butcher's dog" to pull butchers' carts full of meat, the Rottweiler's moniker has stuck.

What is a name worth?

The Rottweiler is among the oldest dog breeds, with possible origins in Roman times. Over the Alps, Rottweilers accompanied invading Roman legions, serving as guard dogs for both human soldiers and the animals they were tasked to protect.

a relict population

The Rottweiler is "calm, confident, and courageous," says the AKC. Despite this, many view Rottweilers as violent. This misperception stems from erroneous portrayals in films and TV, most notably in The Omen, where a Rottweiler violently protected the offspring of Satan, the original 'devil dog'

Negative Reputation

Other movies and television shows, like as the buddy police comedy Lethal Weapon 3 and the popular US series Entourage, have attempted to portray Rottweilers in a more favourable and endearing light.

screen stars

When roads and railroads rendered their traditional role as cow herders obsolete in the 19th century, the Rottweiler nearly went extinct. Fortunately, the breed recovered after it was discovered in the early 1900s that they made excellent police and military dogs.

Incredibly narrow escape

Due in large part to Alexandra Day's 'Good Dog Carl' series of novels, many young readers will be familiar with the Rottweiler breed. More than twenty books have been published about Carl the Rottweiler since 1985.

A hero from childhood

Will Smith, Robbie Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tulisa Contostavlos, and Bruno Mars are just few of the famous people who have owned Rottweilers.

The most famous fans

Rottweilers were the most often registered dog breed in the mid-1990s, demonstrating the breed's widespread acclaim in the United States. Though it has been surpassed in popularity by the Labrador Retriever, it still holds a secure spot in the top ten.

Popular in the United States

Rottweilers are fantastic therapy dogs. In 2015, a Rottweiler named Wynd earned the American Kennel Club's Human Fund ACE Award for Best Therapy Dog. Wynd served as a therapy dog for military family survivors and veterans with PTSD and drug concerns.

A therapeutic dog

Brave Rottweilers. Jake the Rottweiler was honoured by the RSPCA in 2009 for chasing off a man who was molesting a woman in Coventry Park. Jake led his owner to the victim and waited for police.

brave and guardian

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