The 10 romantic gestures shows ur partner loves you 

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clean her bathroom, and frame the poster that has been collecting dust in his living room since the day you met

1. He helps you whittle down your to-do list.

As if you needed any more reason to hit the gym, a reminder of how much you care will do the trick.

2. He slips a sweet note into your gym bag.

Make an attempt to equip your place with food, shampoo, etc. that your significant other likes if you and your partner live apart.

3. He makes you feel at home.

Sending and receiving emails is a breeze. Sending something via snail mail, even if it's not a bill, may be a real gut hit.

4. He sends a postcard or love letter in the mail.

Create a playlist or mixtape full of music that remind you of how much you love them.

5. He shares his feelings through music.

Create a playlist or mixtape full of music that remind you of how much you love them.

6. He makes you breakfast.

Think back to the first time you met your significant other and share some of the most memorable and exciting moments from your time together thus far.

7. He recreates your first date.

Print up and frame that great snapshot of the two of you instead of just storing it on your phone or wall

8. He displays a sentimental snapshot.

Make sure to tuck in the sheets, fluff the pillows, and otherwise tidy up the bed after a night spent together.

9. He makes the bed.

Get yourself a high-quality umbrella in his favorite color or a keychain that beeps when she whistles for it, 

He makes your life easier in a number of ways.


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