Pedigree pooches come in three sizes: regular, small, and toy. The largest are the standard size, next come the miniatures, and finally the toy size, which stands at just 24–28 centimetres tall. The UK Kennel Club, however, categorises them all as utility dogs.

There are three poodle varieties

Poodles may have a glitzy reputation, but they were initially developed in Germany to serve as water retrievers for duck hunters. The original, standard-sized dog was developed from European water dogs.

Poodles originated as hunters

Some may assume the poodle's distinctive appearance is for aesthetics, but the 'lion' coat clip had a practical function. The hindquarters were chopped short to make them more water-efficient, while protective hair was left on the joints, tail tip, and important organs.

Their fancy coat has a practical use

The tiny poodle was likely developed in France for the purpose of performing in the circus. Reasons for this popularity included their cuteness, intellect, and rapid trick-learning abilities.

Small poodles performed in the circus

In the first decades of the twentieth century, toy poodles were developed as the ideal family pet. Even though they are much smaller than humans, you shouldn't treat them like babies because they are just as smart and energetic as their bigger relatives.

Toy poodles aren't really toys

The name poodle comes from the old German word "puddeln," which meaning "to splash." This is fitting, given their original employment was as a water retriever, and they still enjoy water.

To splash is to poodle

Although the Continental appearance is most popular, poodles today have several trims. The teddy bear look is a new style, but there's also the clown cut, New Yorker trim, lamb trim, puppy cut, and more.

Poodles can be styled thousands of ways

You've probably heard of the labradoodle and cockapoo, but the breeding of poodle crossbreeds has surged. There are now maltipoos, goldendoodles, schnoodles, yorkipoos, pomapoos, shihpoos, and poochons, to mention a few.

Poodle hybrids abound

Poodles once raced in Alaska's Iditarod. John Suter's inspiration came after he saw his cat outrunning his snowmobile. Unlike huskies, poodles would come retrieve you if you fell from your sled.

Sled dogs are poodles

Hypoallergenic, non-shedding poodles. They must be brushed daily or their coats will tangle and matt, causing discomfort and misery. Professional grooming every six weeks keeps poodles healthy and happy.

Hypoallergenic Poodles

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