For decades, rumours circulated that the Golden Retriever was descended from Russian circus dogs. This notion was refuted when the documents of Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness, Scotland were published.

Golden retrievers can be traced back to Scotland

Active members of the Sporting Group are bad couch potatoes. They're always ready for action, whether it's a game of fetch, hiking, swimming, or other exercise. They're natural athletes who excel in a multitude of sports.

Golden Retrievers need lots of exercise

Golden Retrievers are hunter, tracker, rescue, and service dogs. Despite their lively, goofy personality, they learn rapidly and can become search and rescue dogs.

They're a breed of hard-working animals

Goldens are used as therapy dogs to relax people. Goldens are empathetic and loving. Goldens can calm and reassure anyone, from kids to the elderly.

Therapy dogs are often Golden Retrievers

You know how excited puppies can be, right? Golden Retrievers tend to keep doing that longer than other breeds. They grow up slowly and can still be playful or even silly as adults.

Golden Retrievers are typically still puppies at heart

They'll eat meals, toys, paper, and crayons. Out is fair game. Smart owners limit incentives, measure food, and only give them at mealtimes.

Golden Retrievers enjoy eating a lot

Just like other retrievers, Goldens often carry something with them wherever they go. This could be a stick, a toy, a piece of clothing, or anything else that isn't tied down.

Golden Retrievers have big mouths by nature

All retrievers must have "soft" mouths that won't damage game like ducks. Goldens' mouths are so delicate that can carry a raw egg without splitting the shell.

Soft tongues help them carry items

Due to their intelligence and natural athleticism, Golden Retrievers excel as competitors in a variety of canine sports, including obedience, agility, dock diving, and more.

Goldens do well in competitions

The breed has been in the top ten most popular dog breeds in the United States for decades, most recently at number three out of 195. The Labrador Retriever, which is related to them, has been the most popular dog for the past 28 years.

Golden Retrievers are always a popular choice for a pet

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