In 1870, Pomeranians made their initial appearance in the United Kingdom, quickly becoming a royal favourite thanks to Queen Victoria.

One of her biggest fans was Queen Victoria

The Pomeranian is the smallest spitz breed because it was developed from the larger German Spitz, which belongs to the Utility Group.

Developed from the German Spitz

The fact that they think they can take on larger canines with just their bark belies the fact that they are actually quite little. Since this is the case, it's important that they socialise with canines of all kinds.

Have no fear

A Pomeranian was rumoured to have accompanied Michelangelo as he worked on the Sistine Chapel.

the Sistine Chapel

A Pomeranian has two different layers of fur on its body: an undercoat and an outside coat. The former is fluffy and light, while the latter is long and absolutely straight.

This is a two-coat

Though they are well-known for their service work, Pomeranians are a unique breed of dog. Despite the fact that they have the necessary skills for the job, their stature usually prevents them from being chosen for it.

A Canine Helper

Queen Victoria may have introduced them to the United Kingdom, but Sir Isaac Newton, Martin Luther, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have also owned and adored Pomeranians.

Companion of the stars

Did you know that despite their fluffy appearance, Pomeranians require very little in the way of regular grooming? While daily brushing will assist keep their coat in good condition and minimise shedding, Poms don't require much in the way of extensive grooming.

Keeping up with a daily brushing routine

Over 1,700 people registered one as their pet last year, making them the third most popular toy dog in 2021.

Placed third in popularity

Pomeranians are known for their high IQ. In Stanley Coren's "The Intelligence of Dogs," they come in at number 23 due to their high levels of working/obedience intelligence.


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