30 signs your relationship won’t last

Assess your relationship if your partner just cares about themselves. Erich Fromm argued that selfish persons have no self-love.

They’re selfish

According to dating coach Erika Ettin, "In any relationship, it's crucial to retain your own life and bond with your spouse.

They latch onto all your interests

psychologists say if that's all you feel for your partner, the relationship will fizzle out as you learn who they are.

All you feel is passion

Authenticity is key to a lasting relationship. In the beginning of a relationship, it's normal to hide pieces of yourself

You’re hiding parts of yourself

Watch how your companion handles others, especially waiters and cashiers. If they look down on others, they'll likely look down on you too.

They treat others poorly

If your partner isn't talking with you as often as you'd want, it could be a warning indicator.

They communicate infrequently

Long-term couples typically make adorable, endearing fun of each other. If your partner makes nasty comments about you, it will produce upset sentiments.

They make jokes at your expense


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