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10 Signs You’re Overwatering Your Plants

Yellowing or mushy leaves


Yellowing and/or mushy leaves are the most common symptoms of overwatering. 



Overwatered plants wilt like dry ones. The whole plant or branch tips may wilt.

When roots are constantly wet, they become stressed and are more susceptible to a variety of disease pathogens that cause the roots to rot.

Root rot


Steinkopf says indoor plants, "Fungus gnats may occur before or after yellow leaves. They indicate too-moist potting medium."

Fungus gnats

Signs You're Overwatering Your Outdoor Plants

Overwatering outdoor plants takes a lot of water, but it happens. Deep watering less often is preferable than light watering often.

Wilted or yellowing leaves

If the plant's soil is saturated but it still has wilted or yellowing leaves, it may be overwatered.

Leaves turn brown or drop off

Sometimes when a plant is getting too much water, its leaves may start to turn brown and drop off.

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