Even the most law-abiding citizen doesn't know all the laws, thus most people employ common sense.

How do you know what's illegal and what's not?

Friends' Ross had a monkey, so you may have believed you could too. Friends is fake.


Keeping a wild animal as a pet isn't as unlawful as you may imagine in some jurisdictions

Exotic animal ownership

In some jurisdictions, it's not as prohibited as you may believe to keep a wild animal as a pet.

Other exotic pets

In the 1990s, Proctor & Gamble introduced Olestra (sometimes called Olean), a fat substitute used in Frito Lay's WOW potato chips.

Olestra-fat-free chips

Long-term arsenic exposure is linked to skin, bladder, and lung cancers and heart problems, according to the FDA.

Arsenic-laced foods

A baby walker is a wheeled gadget that allows an infant to "stand upright" and "walk" by flapping their feet.

Baby walkers

If you were never spanked in school, maybe you grew up in New Jersey, where it's outlawed since 1867

school spanking

 25 states allow you to marry your aunt/first uncle's cousin. Some states that allow first cousin marriages


Mattress? Remove mattress tag. Legal. Commerce requires the tag. Only before purchase is its removal illegal.

Mattress-tag removal

You can drive naked if you want. Legal. Getting in and out of the car may be illegal. You could be prosecuted for public lewdness if someone sees you.


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