Effective communication begins with attentive listening. When trying to convey something, it's crucial to listen attentively.

Two, put yourself in the other person's shoes and try to grasp the motivations and emotions driving their words.

Third, let them know that you share their feelings and can appreciate their perspective.

Fourth, withhold your judgment if it isn't sought. Try to maintain an air of mystery.

Bad communication occurs when one person tries to transform you into a listener by coming to you and doing it gently, but you end up switching roles and becoming the listener

Six, ease the nerves of the person with whom you wish to speak. If you are a good listener and you are completely in the moment, you don't have to do anything else.

Seven, it helps a great deal to be a little hollow and empty. It's possible that many of you can relate to this. When you're emotionally empty,

When you feel at home, you may confidently remark, "Hey, come on, I know about this; let's talk about.

Connecting with someone emotionally, at the heart level, makes communication much simpler. 

Don't pretend to be concerned about other people. Attempting to be nice to others will only get you into trouble. Realize that this trait


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