Since hair growth is low priority compared to other biological functions, restricted diets halts it swiftly.

1. Avoid restrictive diets.

Reduced protein consumption can also cause TE, according to the same review.

2. Get enough protein

Caffeine boosts energy and hair growth when applied topically.

3. Caffeine-infused items

Essential oils may boost hair growth and smell wonderful.

4. Explore essential oils.

Vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are essential for overall health and hair growth

5. Increase nutrient intake

Because vitamin supplements aren't regulated by the FDA like other pharmaceuticals, choose reputed manufacturers that use third-party verification.

6. Massage your head

PRP may be an effective treatment for hair loss, according to a study.

7. Consider PRP (PRP)

Curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners can cause breakage. If you can't avoid heat styling, minimize how often you do it.

8. Keep warm

Cosmetic chemist Vanessa Thomas claims minoxidil has been professionally studied for hair growth and proven positive results.

9. Discuss minoxidil with a doctor

Permanent colors can remove hair's natural fatty acids, according to a 2021 assessment. 

10. Limit hair coloring

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