10 Weird Ways the Sun Affects Your Body (Besides Sunburn)

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When exposed to natural light, your circadian cycle synchronizes with dawn and sunset, helping you stay awake during the day and sleep well at night. 

A better night’s sleep

The sun's chemistry makes it happy, according to research. Sun exposure releases beta-endorphin, the same hormone released during exercise.

A sunnier mood

Spending time outside boosts vitamin D levels. Several studies have linked UV rays' vitamin D to a lower incidence of MS, osteoporosis, and the flu.

A boost in vitamin D levels

Vision difficulties are a common aspect of aging, but sun exposure can make them worse, especially for adults over 40.

Strained eyesight
 (or worse)

Polymorphic light eruption can cause a rash in the sun, Dr. Reichenberg notes. Minutes to hours after sun exposure, a red, itchy rash might appear. 

A sudden
 (and severe) rash

“All of the signs that we as a culture consider part of looking old are mostly caused by the sun.

Older-looking skin

The sun impairs the skin's immune system, which raises melanoma risk. Overactive immune systems cause psoriasis and acne

Improved acne

The research of 30,000 Swedish women over 20 years indicated that avoiding the sun lowered life expectancy by 2.1 years.

A longer lifespan


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