This shaggy love bundle is neither old nor English (they may actually have Russian and European bloodlines). He's a nice, eager family dog. If you brush the classic English sheepdog's long, lovely coat a few times a week, you'll have a lifelong friend.

Old English Sheepdog

Siberian smarties are gregarious, but they don't do well in warmer climates. Sammies were designed to be cuddlers; their humans have long snuggled against them on Arctic evenings. This pack-oriented dog needs lots of playtime and attention. 


The St. Bernard is famous for starring in the family film Beethoven and for saving lost travellers in Europe's mountainous Alps. Understanding, tolerant, and placid, these enormous love bugs can weigh more than 180 pounds and tower 30 inches tall.

Saint Bernard

This gallant beastie was raised to guard sheep on a remote European mountain area, so expect an obstinate dog. They're courageous, calm, and ready to defend home and hearth with their muscular bodies, which can exceed 100 pounds and 32 inches tall.

Great Pyrenees

This aristocratic hound chased wolves for pre-Revolution Russian royals. Borzois may still reach 40 mph and demand regular exercise, so potential owners should have a fenced yard with area for this quiet, aloof dog to zoom. 


The Bernese mountain dog must have looked spectacular herding animals and pushing milk carts on Swiss farms. This diligent worker is happiest with a job, even if it's only a lengthy walk.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Huskies may appear like naughty wolves, but they were evolved by the Chukchi people as shed dogs. Their endurance and running skills are legendary; their humans should run them at least twice a week. 

Siberian Husky

In actuality, goldens are just as dedicated, friendly, and affectionate as their reputation suggests. Intelligent bird dogs bred in the Scottish Highlands, they adore swimming and fetching.

Golden Retriever

German shepherds have a thick double coat that should be brushed many times a week. As Ree can confirm, they're also smart, fearless, and loyal, earning them positions in police and military K-9 teams worldwide. German shepherds are polite, steady, and quiet at home.

German Shepherd

Rough collies, forever known as "Lassie" from movies and TV, have long, luxurious coats that ripple when they run. As a high-energy herding dog, they'll need an hour of exercise daily.

Rough Collie

Akitas don't like other dogs, but they love people. In their native Japan, they are a national natural monument and signify protection, health, and happiness. Akitas have a thick double coat, however they only shed biannually. Otherwise, once a week is plenty.


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