11 Highest-Paying Jobs That Require Zero Experience

Never before has telling and monetizing our own tales been so easy. This high-paying job requires no experience.


Ben Walker, CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC, claims some new transcriptionists make over $50,000 a year.


 It's feasible to get a high-paying job as a recruiter with no experience. These 14 jobs might make you rich before retirement.


A remote dishwasher job is high-paying and requires no experience, unlike a regular kitchen. 

Remote location dishwasher

According to Power Home Remodeling, the nation's largest full-service exterior home remodeling company with $700 million


There is no experience required to be a police officer and because the average starting salary of a police officer is $57,794.

Police officer

"Freelance translation was one of the first legitimate online jobs on the market, and to this day the translation industry continues to grow.


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