13 Outfit Tricks to Look Instantly Younger

As you age, you may gain weight in new places. If you have a muffin top, pants and jeans that zip or button can flow over. 

Go fly-free

"Darker tones read more conservative and give off an authority, polished sense," adds Scherer. "That's not terrible, but it might age you because it takes away your approachability."

Brighten up your color palette

If you wore higher necklines as a child, your chest won't have sun damage like sunbathers. Choose tops that show your décolleté to hide ageing.

Don’t stick with crew necks

Covering up won't make you look matronly, even if a naked décolleté is appealing. Turtlenecks attract the eye up, so they hide belly flab.

Or go for more coverage

Black is adaptable, but its starkness can age you. Browns and greys make you look younger and friendlier, adds Scherer. 

Replace your black clothes

Following every fashion trend could make you look out-of-touch. Jack Prenter, founder of knownman.com, says following the current trends

Don’t be slave to trends

You don't have to shun skirts and dresses that reveal your legs just because you're older. 

Prepare to show some skin

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