Did you know Doxies come in 15 colours and 6 marking combinations? Black and cream, black and tan, blue and cream, blue and tan, chocolate and cream, chocolate and tan, cream, fawn and cream, fawn and tan, red, wheaten, wild board, black, chocolate, and fawn. Brindle, dapple, sable, piebald, brindle piebald, and double piebald are marking combinations.

There are 15 hues available

The name Dachshund is German for "badger" and "dog." The AKC says Americans called the dog "Badger Dog" after World War II to distance it from its German roots.

A Badger dog

People are so used to seeing small Dachshunds that they forget the standard size is almost triple the mini. The 11-pound tiny hunts mice, while the 32-pound dog hunts badger. Germany has a third size between miniature and standard.

There are three sizes

Another interesting fact about the Doxie that is often overlooked is that it can have any of three different coat types: the standard smooth coat, a longhaired coat, or a wire coat. In the show ring, any of these three coat types is welcome.

Have 3 kinds of coats

The breed was popularised by Queen Victoria, who said, "Nothing would convert a man's home into a castle more swiftly and effectively than a Dachshund." She is credited with popularising the breed in the United Kingdom.

They are a favourite of the Queen

Waldie, a dachshund, served as the first Olympic mascot at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The course for the Olympic marathon that year was fashioned after a dog.

First Olympic mascot

Chanel, a Doxie living in New York, held the Guinness World Record for oldest living dog in 2009. She died at age 21, and another Doxie named Otto briefly claimed the distinction. That was until a terrier, Max, was proven older. Doxies are noted for living long lives, many into their late teens.

They live for a long time

This tiny species has a voracious appetite. Because of their insatiable appetites, they tend to be overweight, which can lead to health problems like back pain and early death.

Big eaters, small stomachs

There is a grey area between mini and standard size Doxies, and this phrase is sometimes used to describe them. As previously stated, this is a different size classification in Britain, where the smaller dogs were originally bred for hunting rabbits and hares, hence the name "rabbit Dachshund."


The Dachshund may be the tiniest member of the AKC hound group, but don't take its size too lightly. They are hardy, having been bred to not only stalk but also kill their prey.

they are the tiniest hunting breed

The small Doxie is infamous for jumping out of people's arms, harming their backs. Keep them safe when in your arms by tucking one hand over the hind end and holding him from below, up through his front legs, with your hand on his chest.

They're Just Jumpers

Since they were bred to hunt and kill, the Doxie will go after anything. A research in 2008's Applied Animal Behavior Science magazine listed the Dachshund as one of the most aggressive breeds toward humans and other dogs.

The Best Watch Dog Ever

The Doxie's popularity in the United States plummeted during the war. The Kaiser was portrayed as a "rabid hound" of this breed in anti-German children's propaganda.

Used as propaganda for a war

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