The German Shepherd dog was developed in Germany in 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz and other breeders who wished to create a dog noted for its bravery, self-assurance, loyalty, and intelligence.

Established in Germany

German shepherds are revered by their followers, and for good reason. These dogs are fantastic. But do you know how popular they are? They've been the 2nd most popular dog for 10 years and in the top 10 for decades.

One of the most popular dog breeds in America

German shepherds are regal-looking and easy to spot. Athletes with a long nose and pointy ears. Even individuals who've never seen a German shepherd know what they look like.

Recognizable worldwide

German shepherds are great family dogs despite being working dogs. They build strong ties with their people and appreciate being close to them. They thrive in lively family environments. They love children while around them.

Awsome Family Dogs

German shepherds are smart. Smart and easy to train, they love to learn. They need cerebral stimulation because they're continuously thinking. They love pleasing humans, making them easy to train.


German shepherds love to sniff everything. If you have one, you know about their nose art. They excel at sniffing. They have millions more scent detectors than humans, which helps in search and rescue, drug and explosives detection.

Excellent sniffers

German shepherds are protective as herding dogs. They're confident and won't back down when threatened. They need socialisation and training to be comfortable with strangers and other pets. When owners raise them properly, they're the best dogs ever.

Naturally protective

German shepherds love people. They'll attach to you like glue if allowed. They love following their humans around the house, going on car excursions, having adventures, and snuggling. They don't like being alone and miss their relatives.

Close companions

German shepherds are called German shedders because they shed YEAR-ROUND. Something extraordinary happens twice a year. They blow their coat, which means they lose their undercoat like crazy. You'll spend days combing and vacuuming.

Blow their coats away

German shepherds are versatile workers. Most are only limited by training time. Police and military duties, service dogs, therapy dogs, protection sports, agility, obedience, and tricks are their specialties.

Born to do a job

As herders, they think independently. When left alone, they'll make decisions. They need tonnes of training and guidance from their owners. They need time and care to avoid boredom.

Free-spirited minds

German shepherds are athletic and high-energy. Their energy needs to be expended. They can feel frustrated without enough exercise. They love to play, walk, explore, fetch, swim, and hike, so it's enjoyable and easy to give them what they need, but it takes time every day.

Athletic stars

They're also mouthy and nosy. When guiding you, they'll nip and nudge you with their nose. They bite as puppies. They should be given chew toys and taught not to chew on people or objects.

Mouthy and nosy

Their devotion makes them a dedicated breed. They enrich their owners' hearts and lives with love and are loyal to the end. Sadly, this lovely puppy doesn't live forever.

Most loveable

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