10 playful dog breeds that make the best companions

Intelligent and loving, the Labradoodle has plenty of energy and loves to play.

1. Labradoodle

Originally bred as hunting dogs, Golden Retrievers love to please their human owners.

2. Golden Retriever

You'll want to keep them both mentally and physically stimulated; being left for too long alone can result in destructive behavior.

3. English Springer Spaniel

A Chorkie is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier, so expect a bit of feisty personality from both breeds.

4. Chorkie

Fun-loving and full of character, a Dalmation is typically loyal, highly energetic, and loves to play. 

5. Dalmation

Best matched with owners who lead an active lifestyle, the Australian Shepherd dog is the perfect hiking companion.

6. Australian Shepherd Dog

It's this desire for attention and stimulation that makes them such a wonderfully playful dog breed to have around. 

7. French Bulldog


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