20 dating tips for baby boomers

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Research online dating sites

It's wise to examine each online dating site before posting your profile to one.

Take a good profile photo

Make sure your online dating profile appears decent for first impressions. That starts with posting an accurate profile photo. 

Work on your profile with a friend

Sit down with a friend to fill out your profile after you have a picture. A friend can help you be honest and interesting.

Practise online chatting

Understanding how to communicate emotion and thoughts over IM is vital for online dating success.

Get specific about what you want

If you don’t know what you’re looking for in someone, you’ll never be able to decide who to date and who to avoid. 

Be honest with anyone you contact

Be honest with anyone who contacts you about what you're searching for and whether they fit. It's useless to stall.

Don’t be too picky

You should have clear dating expectations, but you should also be realistic. Too many wants or needs might lead to failure.

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