20 signs you’re being gaslighted

Being told you are too sensitive

A common gaslighting tactic is to diminish a person’s feelings of anger, discomfort, and dissatisfaction in both social and professional environments. 

Always apologizing

Seeking help from a professional counsellor is crucial if this type of fear becomes a permanent fixture in your relationships.

Being told you are overreacting

Especially for women, this type of gaslighting has kept their feelings and attempts to fight back in check to keep up the idea that women are submissive and calm.

Becoming more indecisive

When you start believing that your opinion, your expertise, and your decisions don’t matter, you may become extremely indecisive.

Lacking psychological safety

Professionals just started using the term "psychological safety." It boosts productivity, profitability, and work culture.

Not trusting your instincts

There is a feeling you get when you go against your gut and do something that just doesn’t sit well. 

Suffering from low self-esteem

Many persons who undergo emotional abuse absorb criticism by believing insults leveled at them.


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