20 ways to make your sleep better

25 sep, 2020

Even if your bedroom is completely dark, light can get through windows and beneath doors, interrupting your sleep. 

Invest in a sleep mask

 If you truly don't want to turn down the A/C, invest in a fan that will circulate air while also producing white noise.

Turn down the temperature

They're affordable and come in a variety of colors, so you won't have to worry about them clashing with your decor.

Consider blackout curtains

Light sleepers can benefit from sleeping with earplugs to shut out a snoring partner or a raging party next door.

Block unpleasant sounds with earplugs

If earplugs don't work, a white noise machine can help suppress noise. White noise, spa sounds, or a summer thunderstorm may help you sleep.

or invest in a white noise machine

Everyone is always on their phones, which might affect sleep. Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock and charge your phone elsewhere to improve your sleep. 

Stop using your phone an hour before bed

Consider exercising in the evenings


Evening exercise, whether it's a walk or a gym session, can help you go asleep quickly.


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