30 skills everyone should have

Riding a bike and mastering street signals is an essential, especially as more towns create dedicated bike pathways to combat climate change.

How to ride a bike

Learning how to swim and how to save someone who is drowning is a must-know skill, even if you don’t live near a large body of water.

How to swim

Learning how to change a flat tire can save your life (especially on a cold night). Some of the tools you'll need came with your car when you bought it.

How to fix a flat tire

Whether you're hanging a picture or a big bookcase, there are a few things to remember. (Use drywall plugs or anchors to hang items securely.)

How to hang something on your wall

But constructive criticism is part of life, whether it comes from a partner after a fight or a boss during a performance review.

How to deliver and receive feedback

We've all been in meetings where nodding, smiling, and keeping pleasant body language feels impossible. 

How to have positive body language

No one wants to ruin a beloved shirt by mixing it with the wrong colours or putting it in the washer on an incorrect cycle.

How to do the laundry


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