4 Cups Coffees Per  Day May Cause Headaches

Coffee has become a part of our lives, just like tea has. Most of us need coffee to get going in the morning. 

All of your senses work quickly because of the caffeine in the coffee. Because of this, when people are tired during exams, they drink coffee to stay awake.

400 mg or 4 cups of coffee daily might create issues. Even persons who use 200 mg of caffeine every day for two weeks may have migraines.

Don't quit drinking coffee just yet. Change your coffee habit gradually to avoid issues. Managing this will lower your migraine risk.

Coffee's caffeine affects each individual differently. People should consume less coffee to prevent headaches.

Coffee causes headaches.

Caffeine overdose causes more than headaches. Tension, stress, sleep issues, and a worsening lifestyle may cause headaches.

If your symptoms worsen after quitting coffee, see a doctor. It may signal major diseases.


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