4 Secrets Everyone In Happy Marriages Know

The first piece of advice that I took to heart when it came to my marriage was to lay a solid groundwork right from the start.

A healthy marriage, on the other hand, is able to weather the inevitable storms of life thanks to the rock-solid foundation it was built upon.

Respecting the person you love is one of those game-changers. That doesn't mean my married life was perfect after that.

Carrying around false dreams of what we think marriage should look like is one of the quickest ways to set up a marriage for failure. 

1. Have realistic expectations

This one has gotten easier for me as I've gotten older. But when I was younger, I liked holding on to my rage and hurt, mostly over little matters.

2. Be willing to forgive 

Your marriage should be at the top of the list. For whatever reason, my husband and I are both wired to give ourselves and our time to others without evening thinking about it

3. Prioritize your marriage 

Being honest about my feelings was difficult for me and I felt like if I expressed them I would seem weak. Instead, they stayed inside and festered. 

4. Be honest

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