4 Signs you are getting pocketed in a relationship

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You meet people, learn their tales, and bond with their families.

1. They shun family/friend plans.

If your spouse insists on meeting and chilling in private or out-of-the-way spots, it's a hint that they're avoiding you in public.

2. You meet in private

Going down memory road and letting your spouse know how you were before you met improves the relationship.

3. They never mention family or friends.

Normal conversation topics include family and recollections. 

3. They never mention family or friends.

 If your spouse doesn't update you on social media, it's an indication of pocketing.

4. You are not on their social media at all

Even if there are several reasonable causes for pocketing, which might be perplexing

Food acidity

you should notify your spouse if you observe a trend.

Food acidity

Communication can help to settle issues, but keep an eye out!

Smoking or chewing tobacco


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