Bad Habits That Impact Your Pup's Health

A cute puppy can motivate you to be more active. Here are some unhealthy habits.

Dried shiitake mushrooms

If you love chocolate, you may keep candy bars or mints at home. Chocolate includes a dangerous chemical for puppies

Bad Habit 1: Keeping chocolate at home

Use baking soda or vinegar to sanitize surfaces in a clean home. Puppy mouthing can lead to poisoning

Bad Habit 2: Using Harmful Cleaners

Overfeeding your pet causes weight gain. Obese pets can get heart disease and joint problems like human

Bad Habit 3: Overfeeding Your Puppy

Quitting nicotine can be difficult, but it's crucial for you and your puppy.

Bad Habit 4: Exposure To Secondhand Smoke

When a puppy doesn't receive enough exercise, they gain weight and become lethargic.

Bad Habit 5: Failing To Exercise

Online materials can help you train your dog. There's also guidance on what goods to use, avoid, and activities to discourage.

How To Understand Your Puppy’s Needs


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