5 hair oiling mistakes that you need to stop making

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It is commonly believed that hair oiling is the holy grail of hair care, but this may not always be the case, as improper hair oiling


Therefore, it is essential that you know how to oil your hair properly and avoid making any mistakes that could make your hair prone to breakage.

This is one of the most common errors made by people. If your hair and scalp are already oily, you should avoid oiling your hair

Avoid oiling your hair if it is already greasy: 

Combing oiled hair can cause breakage. Avoid tangles and knots by combing hair before oiling. Don't comb wet hair.

Don't comb oiled hair:

If you oil your hair, it is already in a delicate state, and tying it too tightly can eventually cause hair loss and breakage.

Take care not to pull your hair too tightly back:

Oiling your hair overnight can clog pores and attract dust and dirt to your scalp, damaging your hair. Therefore, oil hair a few hours before washing.

Avoid overnight oiling:

Oiling your hair can cause buildup on the scalp, worsening dandruff. Instead of oiling, you can use masks that will help to keep the hair healthy.

Avoid oiling if you have dandruff:

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