Many of us have trouble dropping off at night, which can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health

Establish a pre-bedtime ritual

It's a bad habit to indulge in nocturnal media consumption, whether it's television or social media.

Make up some new dishes

Do you tend to eat the same items frequently? A change of pace in the kitchen might do wonders for those who are tired of the same old meals

Cook new recipes

You may reignite your passion for cooking and find some new, healthy favorites by trying out new recipes

Participate fully in the natural world

There are several ways to include nature into your daily life and live your best life possible

Embrace the natural world

Maybe you'll do some lake swimming, camping, or hiking? Do houseplants serve as a link between you and nature for you? Perhaps you could benefit from gardening.

Give time to nature 

Spending time in nature has been shown to increase feel-good endorphins and improve health

Create a list of your accomplishments and favorable qualities.

Though keeping a positive outlook can be beneficial in trying circumstances, doing so is not always simple.

Write positive affirmations

In challenging times, positive affirmations can be a powerful weapon since they are upbeat declarations that actively oppose pessimism.


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