1. Anger and irritation

There is more to depression than just grief and helplessness.


 For example, being more angry and irritable than usual is a depression symptom that is surprisingly little talked about.

2. Fatigue and poor energy

Depression might actually make you physically exhausted.


Fatigue that is associated to depression doesn't go away with sleep, and it can make ordinary activities physically difficult,

3. Digestive problems

Gut health and depression often go hand in hand. It could be a symptom of a gut-related disease


Some research also reveal that depression could possibly promote inflammation in the digestive system.

4. Feeling empty or numb

Depression doesn't necessarily feel like severe sadness. Sometime depression might show up as a lasting feeling of emptiness or numbness


This might also go hand in hand with another depressive symptom termed anhedonia

5. Forced happiness

Depression doesn't have a "look", even if someone doesn't seem depressed in public, they could still be hurting.


Someone with depression could put on a happy face and be productive, make jokes, and seem like they are brimming with energy 


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