Let's take a look at some of the low-maintenance indoor plants.

25 sep, 2020

If you're outside during a storm and near water, get away quickly. Second, avoid water indoors during a storm.

Indoor plants, as the name says, are for use within the home

Light can travel through electrical outlets' wires or bars.

The bulk of these common indoor plants require a lot of attention and watering.

Its soil must dry between waterings. It does not require frequent re-potting because it grows slowly

Plant ZZ

Sansevieria, sometimes known as Snake Plant, is a low-care plant. 

Snake Plant

It can be grown in either soil or water. Because it dislikes direct sunshine, it is best kept indoors.

The Bamboo of Fortune

Aloe Vera has numerous medicinal properties and, contrary to popular opinion, is one of the simplest plants to maintain.

Aloe Vera Gel

It does not need to be overwatered. People usually overwater it, which causes it to rot.


There are ways to enjoy a storm safely. Stay in an internal room away from doors and windows until the storm has passed. 

The aloe vera leaf's fleshy interior stores water for the plant. 


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