You oppose children

a terrible day at work can't be discussed with the person you believed would always have your back.

You oppose children

a psychotherapist and author of Breaking Up & Divorce, the pain can be as severe as losing a loved one to death

Your partner is disrespected.

"You didn't do the dishes" is the first criticism. "You don't help around the house" can become a generic reproach.

Your partner is disrespected.

You wake up with an empty on one side of your bed; something fantastic happens and you can't share it with them

Stage 1: Deep denial.

If someone stopped the relationship with you, or you ended it, that suggests something needs to be severely looked at

Stage 2: Full fury.

You may judge your ex or yourself harshly "Many blame. You can dwell over how your ex wronged you

Stage 3: Bad bargain.

 In this stage, we conceive of actions that would ease our suffering or let us reunite with a lost loved one.

Stage 4: Depression and grief.

 in the bargaining period is to be nice and understanding to ourselves or therapist for support and help processing the past. 

Stage 5: Radical acceptance.

This stage has a bonus and You find new meaning, new passions, and new activities


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