5 ways to keep your baby safe from mosquitoes this rainy 

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During the humid monsoon season, it is critical to dress your infant in loose cotton clothing that covers their arms and legs while still allowing for air exposure to the skin.

1. Proper clothes

Mosquito repellents work wonders in keeping mosquitos away from your child. 

2. Using natural mosquito repellents 

 Maintain household cleanliness by not leaving any stagnant water in pots, pans, water trays of air conditioners, and plant pots, as well as buckets of water in restrooms. 

3. Avoid stagnant water 

Use netting both indoors and outdoors to greatly reduce their mosquito exposure.

4. Mosquito netting 

It's critical to keep track of symptoms in order to deliver adequate treatment on time if your child does develop Dengue

5. Keep an eye out for fever symptoms

Some of the symptoms include fever, nausea and vomiting, headaches, dry mouth, reduced urine, rashes, and swollen glands.

Food acidity

If your child begins to display these symptoms, you should see a doctor very away.

Food acidity

Babies are especially sensitive to infections at this age and require special care and attention to avoid their exposure to insects during the monsoon season.

Protect infants under 2 months with protective clothing and bed nets from mosquitoes and other insects.


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