5 Worst Foods To Eat for High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels can cause a variety of health problems. It can primarily lead to diabetes, which affects an estimated 34.2 million people

High blood sugar indicates that there is too much sugar in your blood. This is because your body either has too little insulin or isn't using insulin appropriately.

1. Fruit flavored yogurts

Greek yogurt and Icelandic yogurt both offer more protein than conventional yogurt, which can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

2. Pre-made smoothie or acai bowls

Smoothie bowls include smoothies. More fruit, nuts, and other toppings for decoration. 

3. Processed carbs

Hormonally Yours, foods high on the glycemic index raise blood sugar faster than foods that are lower on the glycemic index.

4. Sugary cereals

Some cereals are heavy in carbs and lack fiber and protein, two nutrients that help manage blood sugar.

5. Candy

You won't feel as happy as a kid in a candy store when you hear about this one because sweet treats are on the "do not eat" list.

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