As we begin to mark World Breastfeeding Week on August 1, these 'Freedom to Feed' suggestions might assist many new mothers.

Before giving birth, a mother-to-be may contact a lactation consultant or nurse. They'll understand nursing better. a lactation consultant

The mother may arrange herself so the baby's nose hits her nipple and her abdomen is aligned with the infant during nursing. 

 2. mother may arrange herself 

The baby's tummy must contact the mom's so they may nurse without turning their head. The nipple must be aimed towards the baby's nose, not mouth.

3. baby's tummy must contact the mom's

Comfortable chair, nursing cushion, pads, burp cloths, and a book to establish the scene.

4. prepare for nursing

When breastfeeding, a mother shouldn't count the minutes. She may let the infant nurse until it weans itself. The second breast might be offered later.

5.shouldn't count the minutes

If the mother wants the infant to become acclimated to bottled milk but always wants to feed it personally

6. bottle-feed

Mothers may bottle-feed for four to six weeks. 



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