6 important medical tests that couples need to take before getting married

HIV causes AIDS, which impairs the body's immune system. Couples should take the test before getting married.


Most couples' next step after marriage is having children. Couples should receive fertility tests.

Fertility Test

This includes guy and woman. If you're both convinced you don't want children, skip this.

Sperm Count

Diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses run in families. 

Genetic Test

It's important to know if you've inherited any of these conditions. When trying to conceive, it's vital.


STD testing is essential. It's crucial for marriage and partner's health.

Test STD

Incompatible blood types or Thalassemia can cause birth abnormalities or pregnancy difficulties.

Thalassemia and blood group compatibility

Mental health disorders can disrupt a marriage and be passed on to biological offspring.

Psychiatric health

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