Six fantastic bride-to-be gifts.

Choosing a present for the bride-to-be can be difficult without a registry. There are some great possibilities. 

Why not give the bride-to-be the gift of relaxation? The bride could enjoy a massage, facial, or mani-pedi at a spa. 

1. Massage

Many lingerie gifts aren't comfy for the bride-to-be. Consider getting the bride some fashionable pajamas for the honeymoon (and after). 

2. Pajamas

Wedding photographers are common. By gifting the bride-to-be a frame, you'll preserve her favorite photo.

3. Photo Frame

There's a rationale for this weird choice. Couple may feel fatigued after wedding and honeymoon.

4. Deliveries

Honeymoons frequently need packing. If the bride-to-be doesn't have luggage, give her some.

5. Luggage

Depending on the bride's shoes, a blue gemstone anklet could be a fun choice since it won't detract from the dress or the accessories plan.

6. Something Blue


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