6 Popular Tattoos You Should Never Get, Experts Say

The lion is the king of the jungle, signifying strength and emanating alpha energy.

1 Lions

This can actually land your tattoo artist in hot water if they agree to tattoo a copyrighted image. 

2 Anything that's been copyrighted

Farrar notes that they may "seem an ideal design," especially for those who want a "cute, esoteric, and interesting" symbol for their first tattoo

3 Runes

If you want to avoid falling victim to fads and trends, Farrar recommends not getting a meme tattooed on your body.

4 Memes

These old-school timekeepers are certainly cool to look at, and you can choose from different watch designs and "set it" to display a specific time forever.

5 Pocket watches

it's in script with surrounding hearts and your anniversary date. Either way, give it some more thought before heading to the tattoo parlor.

6 A significant other's name

Tattoos can be literal works of art, but with so many options to choose from—and the knowledge that ink is forever—finding the right one to get can be a little overwhelming. 


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