The Smartest Dog Breeds You Can Own

If you’re not a fan of eggs, there’s another way you could increase your vitamin D intake.

People get dogs for numerous reasons. 

Rottweilers are protective since they're working dogs. Romans introduced Rottweilers to Germany, says Pet Health Network.

Rottweilers Have Been Used For Cattle, Military, and Police

Dobermans are among the smartest police dogs. The Doberman was created to defend dog breeder Louis Dobermann, thus the name.

Doberman Pinschers Were Bred To Protect The Taxman

Golden Retrievers are faithful friends. Their mild demeanor makes them poor guard dogs but great assistance dogs for the handicapped.

Golden Retrievers Are Very Trainable Dogs

Labradors are superb communicators and can help the blind, deaf, ]

Labrador Retrievers Have An Excellent Sense of Smell

The German Shepherd's accuracy makes it the best-trained breed. German Shepherds may learn activities quickly and have a keen sense of smell.

German Shepherds Are Basically Born To Be Police Officers


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