6 Surprising Side Effects of Eating Grapes

Did you know that grapes are the third most popular fruit in the United States, after strawberries and bananas? It's also not all that shocking. 

Grapes taste like candy, are a convenient portable snack because they don't require utensils, and are just plain fun to eat. 

Grape antioxidant chemicals help to reduce oxidative stress in the brain. This guards against cognitive decline and memory loss as you age."

1. Your brain will thank you.

Specifically, resveratrol provides a protective lining for blood vessels to prevent injury, thereby warding off heart inflammation.

2. Inflammation may go down in your body.

There are several easy strategies to manage and prevent hypertension. Grapes, which are high in potassium and low in sodium, can help control blood pressure.

3. Your blood pressure may improve.

Eat grapes an hour or two before bed, but be careful not to overdo yourself on sugar, which might affect sleep.

4. You might get a better night's sleep.

Too many may cause a stomachache from gas. Grape tannins, contained in the skin and seeds,

5. You could get an upset stomach 


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