During the warm months, there are 6 things you should never do to your dog.

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Be careful about leaving your pets alone near pools, especially if you have one in your own backyard. 

Do not leave your animal alone near water.

High temperatures may cause heatstroke in dogs.

When it's hot, don't let your pet outdoors for long.

If it's too hot for your bare feet, it's too hot for your dogs' paws.

Avoid walking your dog in the heat.

Dogs maintain their body temperature through panting since they lack sweat glands.

Avoid heatstroke.

If pets don't drink enough water, they might dehydrate.

Never take your pet outside without water.

medical director of community medicine, advises against using sunscreen or insect repellant not approved for animals.

Don't use human sunscreen or insect spray on pets.

Keeping dogs safe and comfortable in warm weather is possible.

Pet owners shouldn't leave their pets near pools, campgrounds, or hiking routes.Dogs shouldn't use human insect repellant or sunscreen.



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