Do you like sweets? A Canadian Candy Company Will Pay Over 60 Lakh Per Year For A 'Chief Candy Officer.'

25 sep, 2020

Canadian Candy Company Pays $60k+ for a 'Chief Candy Officer.'

25 sep, 2020

A Canadian confectionery firm is seeking a skilled tester for a salary of up to $100,000. 

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a candy store, announced that it is looking for a "chief candy officer"

25 sep, 2020

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The Ontario-based firm posted the availability of the position on Instagram, emphasizing that candidates must be at least five years old.

According to a news release, the chosen candidate will chair company board meetings

25 sep, 2020

You don't utilize social media

aste test around 3,500 goods each month, and stamp new confectionery inventory with the "CCO seal of approval."

Sharing family stories or experiences with others is usual.

Candy Funhouse noted in a LinkedIn post that candidates should have an unchanging passion and willingness to consume confectionery delicacies

25 sep, 2020

They went on to say that they are looking for a brave, inventive, naturally born leader who is open to experimenting with new ideas.

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