The Shar-Pei was a peasant's dog in ancient China. Farmers utilised intelligent and strong Shar-Peis as hunters, herders, and guard dogs. Their aged skin and regal appearance are distinctive.


Playing with a pug is fun. This Chinese breed is popular with all owners and living situations. Pugs are amiable, low-maintenance, and funny. Their wrinkled features and big eyes make them look curious.


The Dogue de Bordeaux, or French mastiff, is strong and protective. This breed's formidable features, friendly disposition, and fierce loyalty are popular.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Bulldogs were used to bait bulls in 13th-century England. They're muscular, but kind, sweet, and quiet. After blood sports were outlawed, they became companion dogs.

English Bulldog

The French bulldog is short and compact with rabbit-like ears. Small wrinkles surround their foreheads and mouths. These amiable, humorous, alert dogs are called Frenchies. 

French Bulldog

Basset hounds are a well-known breed. They're short, with long, drooping ears and loose skin. Their legs wrinkle easily. They're scent hounds. They can track a scent for miles.

Basset Hound

The Pekingese's prominent creases highlight its small muzzle. This dog's large mane and overall furriness give it a lionlike appearance. Large, expressive eyes, devoted, confident, and independent.


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