Remember how much fun you had doing this as a kid? It may be less fun for weight loss, but it is without a doubt one of the most powerful calorie-burning activities available.

Rope jumping

Interval-style jogging burns fat whether done on a treadmill or outside in nature.

Training intervals

Kettlebell workouts, which are incredibly adaptable and can work any muscle in your body, do not require a gym membership.

Workouts with kettlebells

Kickboxing is another great interval workout that involves moments of high intensity followed by periods of rest or low-intensity motions.


It can substantially raise your pulse rate depending on the intensity, with periodic times of relief

Cycling classes

If you have access to a staircase, whether at home or in a public setting with few people passing by, you should absolutely do this workout.

Sprints up the stairs

The rowing machine is a frequently overlooked option at the gym, despite being one of the best cardio workouts available.


 If you prefer upper-body training to lower-body routines, this could be a good option.



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