7 Money Lessons from Millionaires

25 sep, 2020

Rich people understand that writing down goals, reviewing them regularly, and keeping a laser focus on achieving them is essential to success.

1. Wealthy People Set Goals

Bill Gates is wealthy. He reads a book per week. The affluent are continuously striving to increase their knowledge.

2. Wealthy People Read Consistently

It makes sense that health is correlated with wealth. After all, one of your biggest assets is your health. 

3. Wealthy People Eat Healthy

According to Corley, 76% of wealthy people exercise at least four days a week, compared to 23% of poor people.

4. Wealthy People Exercise

Wealthy people prioritize mental and body care. 89% of self-made millionaires slept seven hours or more every night, according to Corley.

5. Wealthy People Prioritize Sleep

Almost 50% of millionaires in Corley's study woke up at least three hours before they officially started work.

6. Wealthy People Wake Up Early

Millionaires make money work for them. It's unwise to rely on a single source of income, even if it's lucrative.

7. Wealthy People Have Multiple Sources of Income


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