Yorkshire terriers love sitting on owners' laps and being carried. They're no weakling. Small Yorkies have big personalities. They make good watchdogs, reporting any home movement. They're affectionate companions who don't need much area to exercise.

Yorkshire Terrier

The dachshund goes by doxie, wiener dog, sausage dog, and hot dog. These names refer to the breed's looks. Standard or miniature Dachshunds are suitable for small-dog lovers. They're loving to their relatives but suspicious of outsiders.


Toy, miniature, and standard poodles exist. Small dogs include miniatures and toys. Small poodles are long-lived, intelligent, and have curly coats. They're loving companions but need exercise. Smaller poodles don't need much area to run.


The Shih Tzu is the poster child for lap dogs, which isn't surprising since the breed started as a companion. Many owners clip these dogs' long, silky hair for simpler care. They're tough and confident.

Shih Tzu

Miniature schnauzers are friendly but tough. This bearded terrier is loyal and protective of its family. It's a vocal breed that needs training. It's appropriate for a modest home with daily walks and recreation.

Miniature Schnauzer

Chihuahuas are tiny and commonly carried in carriers, yet they have big personalities. Chihuahuas are lively, snappy, and have "tough dog" attitudes. Many form close bonds with their favourite humans but avoid others.


The round dogs are happy. Royalty and Tibetan monks once kept pugs as pets. They are affectionate and even-tempered, so they can live in small spaces. Breathing and eye problems are common, therefore regular exams are important.


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