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expert-backed tips to prevent skin issues 

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1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Vitiligo and psoriasis symptoms should be watched out for by anyone with a family history of diabetes. 

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Most skin issues can be managed with regular medication, exercise, and a restricted diet to keep diabetes under control.


- Jimmy Carr

2. Maintain good skin hygiene: 

Keep your skin clean and dry, especially in trouble areas like the crotch, between the toes, beneath the breasts, and the underarms.

3. Avoid taking a hot shower: 

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Steer clear of really hot baths and showers. In hot, humid conditions, take two baths to lessen sweating and the risk of infection.

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4. Keep your skin hydrated 



If your skin is dry, use moisturizer all over your body because dryness promotes the development of allergic reactions.

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6. Treat the wound immediately: 

Treat the wound right away by putting antibiotic ointment on cuts and other wounds.


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7. Always use sunscreen:


- Jimmy Carr

daily use of SPF 40 sunscreen is advised. Your skin will be shielded from the damaging effects of the sun with sunscreen.

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